A Solid Marketing Plan Process is Key to Any Business

Marketing Plan StructureWhat I mean by a solid marketing plan process is that you have to break what you are doing into components, gauge their success, and repeat the best. I think this is where a huge percentage of people fail then they’re getting into any kind of marketing, but online marketing is where I live, and that’s pretty much the area I’m talking about. People go online, grab a course or 2, start a blog, get tired of posting, and quit.

Part of the problem is there are lots of hurdles in online marketing, and in the end, you have to jump them on your own. Pre-built stuff just doesn’t work because your the information that you are trying to get noticed has to be unique.

Not unique in the way of grabbing a bunch of PLR (private label rights) information and putting it through spinning software. No one will read it, and it doesn’t matter if you have traffic, if you don’t provide information that will help people.

You have to develop a plan.

One that you can easily follow whenever you have time to put into your project. Realistically set your goals keeping in mind that hours are limited, even if you work all day, every day.

Staying organized is one of the most difficult problems. You wind up with information scattered over your desktop, laptop, and phone, saved in 3 different programs each. At least I have. But that’s not the subject here, that’s for later.

Marketing Plan ProcessIf you’re a complete newbie, you should take an internet marketing course of some kind. I can recommend some, and I’ll be making some suggestions in later posts.




That said, when you do something like write a blog post, you will follow a process.

  • You have to choose a topic.
  • You need to write your post.
  • You need to create, purchase, or get graphics with the rights included.
  • You’ll need to do some Facebook posts, put the graphics on Pinterest, and do those things that will drive traffic to your post.
  • You’ll need to setup an autoresponder email chain to grab email addresses of your visitors.

The problem is that each of these steps have many sub steps, each of which need to be handled correctly. For instance there are a number of strategies in choosing a topic. Selecting a keyword phrase for the title that will get some traction in the search engines for one. I used “Marketing Plan Process” for this post.

Then I will write other posts that hook to this one by addressing a portion of this subject using other keyword phrases such as: “examples of marketing plans”, or “example of marketing strategy”. The adjoining posts will relate to this one, and will work as a group to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of all of them.

The point of all this is that you need to plan ahead.

You marketing process needs to be solid on every step, and you need to spend some time every day on it. That said, once you get it running with a good plan and organization, it’s very easy to keep going.

You either have to have the skill set to handle the work, or outsource it to people that you know will do a good job. It’s not easy, but it can open the way to total success.

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  • ibet678.com

    Reply Reply June 5, 2017

    The marketing system itself needs to be regularly questioned, because the validity of the whole marketing plan is reliant upon the accuracy of the input from this system, and `garbage in, garbage out’ applies with a vengeance.

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