Rusty Campbell

My internet saga started around 1995 when the internet became available to ordinary people. I have had an affinity for computers for a long time, and I started soaking in the internet possibilities early on. I like to write code and develop software. It’s kind of like selling your very thought processes and making money for them.

Of course, it’s not easy to sell ordinary software but I got lucky with a couple of early applications that played on the wild west nature of the internet to make money. I enjoyed it and we did quite well from around 1997 to 2002. During that time I did some local computer and software work for a couple of local companies. Mostly just to stay abreast of all the hardware advancements that were going on.

The internet business freed me up so my wife and I could take lots of trips to Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans where we enjoyed listening to lots of the best blues bands. I was playing drums in a blues band at the time and I was able to soak up some stylings that really helped me.

I had played drums in my youth and instead of letting them draft me, I enlisted in the US Army to join their bandsman program. What I learned there has been invaluable to me throughout my life, and that doesn’t count playing with some of the best musicians I have ever had the opportunity to know let alone work with.

My son worked for me during this time handling support and writing software. He was just finishing his degree in music at BGSU. He had studied jazz guitar and you wouldn’t believe how much playing an instrument uses the same skills as coding software.

In 2001 I received my pilots license, so I opened a whole new chapter to my life which was financially achievable due to my efforts on the internet. The problem was that I was learning new skills that didn’t have anything to do with my career. I fell behind in the internet marketing arena. The local software work was paying the bills, but my freedom was restricted.

When the bankers stole our economy in 2008, I was just starting a comeback on the internet stage, but the demands on my time forced me to delay a comeback. Finally, I can say I am hitting my stride again. I’m writing this blog to share how I’m doing it with others who who like to be free of the daily grind.