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eBook Profit Academy

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Jon Crimes has just knocked it out of the park with this excellent training course on eBook and Kindle writing and sales. He takes you through the whole thing in detail. This is a great course for beginners, but even experienced Kindle writers will get some valuable tips.

He is providing the course in a number of formats so that just about anyone can learn in the way that is best for their own learning style. So many marketing products are all about the videos. The writer sits down in front of a computer and spews out a bunch of videos with a huge amount of slush.

Jon has set the course up not only with videos that are very informative but you can follow along with his well written eBook, and if you are taking a walk or a drive, you can also enjoy the audio version.

The resources are all current. He doesn’t use old information. It’s all right up to the minute. I’ve run into so many courses that will refer to companies that are no longer active that this is something I pay a lot of attention to. Jon takes the time and the trouble to do it right. As fast as the internet space moves today, things get out of date quickly.

There are a lot of steps in the Kindle publishing process. If you miss one it can make the difference between making thousands and nothing. Jon takes the guesswork out by describing the steps in detail. Since they have already worked for him many times, you can benefit not only from his successes, but you can also benefit from his mistakes.

Just take a look at the subjects covered:

  • Outsourcing
  • Researching your Kindle Best Seller
  • About Pen Names
  • Keyword research
  • Using Amazon to find keywords
  • Using the Google Keyword Planner
  • Creating Chapter Ideas
  • Writing an eBook
  • Writing your Book’s Description
  • Email Marketing your Kindle Book
  • Formatting your book for Kindle
  • Creating a book cover
  • Publishing your eBook
  • Your ‘Magic’ URL
  • Promote your book and get reviews
  • Maintain your BSR and keep getting Sales

If that isn’t enough, the resources and bonuses will make the whole task much easier. There is a tracker spreadsheet that helps you track the progress of your Kindle Book through it’s entire life. This is so important because you’ll make a lot of money after your eBook has been on the market for awhile if you continue to promote it effectively. The only way you can do that is by tracking it’s progress.

You get a Kindle formatting guide that helps you format your creation so that Amazon will not only accept it, but will help push if to the top of the best seller’s list.

Jon even provides one of his own eBooks so that you can see by example how it all works.

All you have to do after you go through this course is take action and follow the instructions.


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