How to Buy a Domain Name

buy a domain nameStarting an online business can be very intimidating.

There is a fairly long process that you need to understand and complete. One of the first steps is to purchase a domain name. You’ll need to create a phrase that will show what you want to do, or provide an identity that can act as a brand that people will remember.

On this blog I’m using my own name. I do this because I want to show folks that I am a real person. Since this is primarily a training site, I want to inspire trust and there is no better way than to provide real credentials that folks can come to know.

Some things I might mention right up front. You should always use .com for the top level part of your domain name. Yes, you’ll have to get inventive to find a name when many have already been taken, but people expect the .com, and it will provide more credibility than most other top level domains. Google also likes it much better than .net, .biz, .co, or .tv.

One very quick way to establish yourself is to use your name as part of the brand. That is what I’ve done here. Since I purchased the domain a few years back, I’ve been able to get my name without any other words in the phrase. You probably won’t be that lucky.

By the way, I use capital letters to make my domain name easier to read. You can do this, but don’t change the way the rest of a link is capitalized. For instance, with, only the RustyCampbell part should be capitalized.

You can do a number of things to change your domain name to something that will be available.

  1. Hyphenate your name. Something like Don’t use a bunch of hyphens, but one should be OK.
  2. Add a word to your domain name that makes sense. or
  3. Abbreviate your name. Such as, or

Pick out a few possible names, then do a search at our registrar, They’ll tell you if the domain is available for purchase. I don’t recommend back ordering domain names in case they become available later. It can take a very long time and they may never become available.

If you want to use a product name in your domain name, the alternatives are even better. For instance, I own a company, Microsys Technologies, Inc. One thing I do there is develop software, so I bought the domain In this case, words like “my” or “our” can be added to the domain name. Use your imagination, just try to end up with a domain name that makes sense.

Another example is a marketing network I’ve recently joined, “Partnership to Success. They use, but you could use just as well. They purchased both domains so they don’t have a problem, but be careful using numbers if you will need to say the name over the phone. Then you have to be sure your customer has the correct version.

By the way, domain registrar’s will try to sell you the other top level domains that are available when you purchase your domain name. Don’t do that. It’s just not worth the money.

I’ve been doing this for a long time so one thing I’ve done is hookup with one of the biggest domain registrars on the internet to purchase domain names very inexpensively. I setup my own site to resell the domains and I keep them priced as low as I’m allowed. The only way you can get a domain cheaper is with a package for hosting, etc. The problem with that is next year and the years after that, you’ll be paying much more. The support is world class and operates 24/7.

If you like the idea of selling domain names yourself, stop by this page.



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