My Review of VidStickers2 For Your Videos

VidStickers2 can take your videos to the next level

review of vidstickersIf you are making videos, and all of us who are involved in marketing on the internet have to at least be aware of the effects that videos have on your readers and customers, this product can save you time and money.

You will be able to add these animations to your videos with a minimum of effort. They are a unique, relatively simple way to kick up your videos.



To use VidStickers2, you’ll need…

The downside is that you’ll still need to conquer the basics of video creation. Video making not something that you can do without A bit of effort and knowledge. This product is pointed to the marketer or blogger who already has some skill, and has or is willing to purchase the software to make it work.

Personally, I feel that Camtasia is just too expensive. I use Corel’s Video Studio Pro. The link is to Amazon with a slightly older version which costs about a third of the newest. I purchased a copy that is two versions older than that, and I’ve found no reason to upgrade as yet. It’s much cheaper and works in a similar fashion.

When I create the basic animations, I use VideoMakerFX which you can pick up here. Sometimes I’ll put the videos on YouTube or Facebook directly, sometimes I’ll tweak the video using Video Studio Pro.

You can also use Easy Sketch Pro to create a whiteboard drawing of the images. The images I used in Easy Sketch Pro worked well in the whiteboard drawing animation. This was unlike many images that I have tried to import that didn’t draw smoothly. The animation of the image was lost, but that could be easily recreated by putting the Easy Sketch Pro image before the raw image on the timeline in your video app, and creating a video of both together.

One cool thing that floored me. You get all this stuff to make things happen, but the ideas just won’t come. I mean that it can be difficult to use the various products in meaningful ways. Well, Shelley has created her sales page with a video using vidStickers2. All you have to do look at the video and you’ll see how you can use this product to increase your sales.

Take a look at this product.



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