earn money doing nothing

There is No Way to Earn Money Doing Nothing.

You cannot earn money doing nothing unless you’ve already done the work.

That’s how internet marketers actually make their super incomes. They work really hard until they get their system running. After that it’s just a matter of keeping it fresh and tweaking.

That is, at least until the next major technology change.

I started making money online in the early nineties. I did very well into the millennium. Then, I got distracted with my life and I didn’t react to the changes that were happening to the internet at the time.

Everything would have been fine but my wife had an accident at work, the effects of which cost us a ton of money. On top of that, the economic bust cost us another bunch. I’m pretty technical, so I’ve been doing OK writing database applications and doing IT work for local industry.

While doing that I’ve been trying to get the internet marketing thing going. It seems like every time I tried a system, either it was bogus in the first place or Google algorithm changes trashed it. I was always behind the curve. Making a few bucks here and there, but the mother load remained a distant dream.

I bought a lot of scams, but I was always cheap. I wouldn’t buy them when they were new because the odds were they were a scam, and I don’t care what they say, getting a refund isn’t even a small part of the value of the time wasted. Yes, I’ve been lied to. I followed some that made a bit of money, but never what the gurus said I would, and the method would become obsolete very quickly. The problem was that I was trying to find success quick and easy. In the long run there is no such thing.

That said, I think I have found the answer. It’s multi-faceted which makes it difficult to organize. As I research my niche, I’m finding many people who have beat the system, but they have done it through hard work and by sticking to it. There are always hurdles or everyone could get rich. The trick is to not get discouraged and to keep going.

As a result, the money is beginning to flow and I have found that the more people I help, the faster my income grows. I’m working on a couple of software tools that will help internet marketers get organized along with an eBook that will help point the way.

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment. I’d enjoy the conversation, and I’m sure my readers would enjoy it too.

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