Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Save Time

windows shortcuts can save hoursThere are about a zillion Windows keyboard shortcuts. Most of them have little value to the normal computer user. If you try to learn them all, you can spend a large portion of your life committing them to memory. That said, if you only learn the ones that can save you serious time, it a different story.

With just a few minutes of effort, you will have tools that will save you hours and hours of time when you pass information around your computer. You just need to start using the right shortcuts first. By doing that, you will be learning the most used shortcuts first so that you can use them enough that they will easily become part of your routine.

The first shortcuts to work with are copy, paste, cut, and select all. You can usually access these from a menu, but not all the time, and even if they are available via the menu, you will constantly be spending additional time hunting for them. Even if you know where they are, you will have a couple of extra clicks at minimum. Those seconds multiplied over many days add up to minutes, then hours that you could be using for real work.

There are 2 shortcuts that you need to remember first.

  1. ctrl-c is the command to copy the text and/or other things such as entire files and graphics that you have selected. Press the control key while you press c. Whatever you have selected will be copied to the windows clipboard.
  2. ctrl-v is the command to paste what you have selected into another document. Put the cursor at the place in the document that you want to paste the information. That is, click the left mouse button in the spot you want to place the information. Then, while you press the control key, press v. The information in the clipboard will appear where you have the cursor.
  3. ctrl-x is a third handy key. It will cut the information from the source document and place it in the clipboard. While it is handy, it is not totally necessary to remember this one because you can always use ctrl-c, then delete, to achieve the same result.

The last one I want to mention here is ctrl-a. This is a quick way to select everything in the window, but it is only useful if you want EVERYTHING. After you press ctrl-a, you can press ctrl-c to copy all the data to the clipboard for later pasting.




  • Annabel Green

    Reply Reply January 4, 2016

    This information will save me hours of work. Thank you.

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